Wednesday, 03 June 2020


Upcoming shows:



3/7/2020 Diamond Music Hall 9pm -1am

3/14/2020-St. Patricks day parade party at PUBLIC SCHOOL HOUSE -Cottleville -3pm to 7pm

3/21/2020 - Helen Fitzgeralds 9pm-1am

3/27/2020-Brewskeez 9pm to 1am

3/28/2020 -Sybergs 9pm -1am

4/11/2020 - Bottleneck 8pm-12am

4/18/2020 -Diamond Music Hall 9pm -1am

4/24/2020-Brewskeez 9pm to 1am

4/25/2020 -Sybergs-9pm -1am

5/2/2020-Bottleneck-8pm to 1am

5/8/2020- Diamond Music Hall 9pm to 1am

5/15/2020-City of Dardene Prairie -6pm

5/16/2020-Helen Fitzgeralds 9pm-1am

5/30/2020-Sybergs 9pm -1am

6/6/2020-Diamond Music Hall-9pm to 1am

6/13/2020-Bottleneck 8pm to 12am

6/20/2020-New Town -6pm

6/27/2020-Sybergs 9pm -1am